Cheap Apartments for a Student

I am a student and I am looking to rent an apartment for the next year, because I have had my fill of dorm life. What I am looking for is apartments in Lowell that are available for rent at a pretty reasonable price. I have looked at a number of different apartments so far, and I am going to keep looking at more places. It seems a lot of these places want you to pay for renter’s insurance, which kind of sucks. I am a student, so I have to make my student loan money last for the entire semester, and that might be hard.

I am going to look into the best ways to save while renting out an apartment, because I just got my student loan money and I did some calculations on my rent and my other bills. It just isn’t going to work unless I either find some way to cut down on my bills, get a job, or starve myself. Some combination of all three might be necessary to actually make it through the semester without going broke. I just hope it won’t come to that. But anyway, I am going to look into renter’s insurance, because it has come to my attention that in order to live in the apartment that I have signed a lease for, I am going to have to get a renter’s insurance policy. I do not like the idea that I have to get renter’s insurance, it seems kind of lame, but i guess it makes sense since I am probably going to try to find a furnished apartment. But it seems like the apartment building should be in charge of insuring their own stuff, instead of their tenants havign to do so. Actually, that kind of bothers me.

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