Best Real Estate Downtown Denver

I have lived in a fairly rural part of Denver for a number of yers, and I want to move into a big city, because I think it would be an ice change for me. I am getting kind of bored with living in this rural area, even though it is quite peaceful and quiet. To that end, I am checking into downtown Denver real estate, and hope to find some nice places. I want to buy a house in the downtown area of Denver, and I have a couple parts of the downtown area that I have in mind.

But before i make any decisions on buying a house, I want ot really do my research and make certain that I am going to be happy with whatever I pick. After all, this is a big decision and one that I won’t be able to change my mind on after I commit to it. Continue reading

Deciding What to Study in College

I have been very seriously thinking about what I want to major in college. Of course my objective is to pick somethng where you can make a good living and end up living on a prime piece of Park City real estate. The first step in that is being able to make the grades in what you do. I started out thinking about engineering, because I already have a good foundation in mathematics and some physics. Of course I figured out that you really need to learn software programs like SAP2000, which is one of the key tools that you use for civil engineering. It is a program that helps to do analysis of structures and designs. Continue reading

Downsizing to an Nice Apartment Was the Best Choice We Made

We were going to purchase a smaller home. Something with a tiny yard to mow, if anything at all. We wanted something all on one floor too. We decided to look for Raleigh apartments for rent instead. We had not considered apartment living. We thought that it would be weird to be so close to neighbors in the same building. However, we were close to our neighbors in the neighborhood where our house was at. We checked out a nice apartment building, and we really liked what we saw.

We would be allowed to bring our two dogs with us. Plus, there would be no lawn maintenance. Other than cleaning our apartment, there would be no maintenance at all. The apartment owners would take care of all of that. They even have after-hours emergency maintenance. That would be a load off of my mind as I am not as young as I used to be. The place even has a dog park that they call a Bark Park. Continue reading

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