The Perfect Place Was Very Easy for Me to Find

I was really looking forward to looking at a lot of apartments in Nashville TN last month. I was not disappointed with the wide array of unique places that are located here. Living in a tiny town for a lot of years in the past did not offer me much variety. Not only that, it was really hard to find a place that was even available. But moving to this large city has shown me that there’s so much available. Almost every place that I called had at least one unit available to rent and that was really nice to learn.

I wanted a place that would be near the entertainment district. I love country music. I love it even more when the music is live. Continue reading

Calling the Edge Our New Home

We looked at apartments in Henderson a few days ago, thinking it would take us some time to find the one that we wanted to call home. The really nice thing is that it did not take us long at all to find what we wanted. It was easy because I was mostly focused on finding the right apartment while my husband was mostly focused on finding the right community to become a part of. When we both found what we wanted, it was not a surprise that it was the same place.

The Edge has everything a couple looking for an apartment could want. The nice thing is that couples of any age can be here, and single people or families can as well. Continue reading

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