Choosing an Apartment or a Single-Family Home

Apartment dwelling versus buying a home or renting a single-family home was on my mind the other day. I was thinking about the pride we have of home ownership. Then I was thinking about the hours and the resources we put into maintaining our home. We don’t have children, but we do have two dogs. Just a few years ago, we could not even dream of getting an apartment that allowed dogs. Now there are apartment homes, such as our nearby CityPark View South, that allow dogs and even have a Bark park. I thought about the freedom to just go out, get the garden hose and wash my car. Well, I found out that the same apartment complex has a care care center. I was running out of comparative advantages for home ownership versus apartment dwelling. Continue reading

Apartment Living in the Nation’s Capital

We ended up looking at apartments in Dupont Circle because my husband accepted a position with the country’s new administration and there was no way of getting around moving to Washington, D.C. I wasn’t happy about the move because it meant we had to uproot our young children and send them to a new school. They weren’t exactly thrilled about leaving behind all of their friends even if we would probably be moving back there in four years or so. But the opportunity was something my husband couldn’t pass up. It could lead to even better positions down the road.

My main problem was finding a place to live. It didn’t take long to realize that D. Continue reading

A Burst Pipe Ended Up Getting Us the Best Apartment We Have Ever Had

We got out of our lease because of the behavior of a landlord. After a burst pipe caused some damage, we had mold that was causing a smell and it was also causing breathing issues in our child with asthma. The landlord would not have an experienced company fix it, so we were able to get out of our lease. We were tired of apartment hunting trying to find a nice place with a good landlord. A friend told us about some luxury apartments for rent in Colton CA that were close to where he and his wife lived. They were seriously thinking about moving there, and they told us about it since we were hunting for an apartment to move immediately.

We already had all of our stuff in storage, and our daughter was staying with her grandparents. We just had a few things in our apartment we needed to get by while we looked for a place. My wife and I along with our little girl went to see the luxury apartment for rent in Colton CA, and we were amazed at what we would be getting for our money. Continue reading

The Perfect Place for the Two of Us

I really did not know what to expect when I looked at different Mission Viejo apartments for rent. I knew that there were going to be some that I simply did not like, but I was not sure that I would find one that knocked my proverbial socks off either. That thought lasted all of one hour, because that is all it took for me to find the apartment I wanted to make my own. The ReNew at the Shops apartment complex is everything I could have hoped for, and more.

I needed a two bedroom apartment because I have a 13 year old daughter who stays with me twice a month on weekends. I wanted her to have her own space in my apartment because it is hers just as much as it is mine. The two bedroom units at ReNew are perfect for both of us. First off, the amenities are amazing. There is a fitness center and pool, and I knew that we would both be using those. Continue reading

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