A Brand New Office Space

I was so excited when I finally found an office space for my business. Oh boy, I can’t even tell you the troubles that I went through at my last spot. We had so many issues with crime and pests; you would think that any building owner would want their customers to stay but not ours, apparently he didn’t care that rats were invading the garbage or cockroaches had managed to get inside. Which is exactly why we decided to up and move to a new tomball office space. Finally, a place that knew how to get it right, how to treat its customers with respect rather than a money sink. I can’t have respect for anyone who is going to view actual people, whether it’s a business or not, as merely a medium in which they turn a profit. It’s heinous and completely disrespectful to those individuals; everyone wants to be successful but that doesn’t mean we should devalue others in our journey to success.

I have always strive to keep the Golden Rule in mind whenever I do business and why not? It really is the most important rule that we can learn and keep to; it’s a philosophy that might be hard to follow but if we can learn to manage our emotions, to not hold grudges and to forgive then the Golden Rule is far easier to follow that you expect. It’s rewarding, too. How often have you seen the “Pay it forward” line of thought actually work? All the time, when it is put into practice, it works incredibly well and as a business owner I have kept this mind. If I treat my customers right, if I go out of my way to ensure that they are happy with whatever it is I offer and give to them, I know that it returns to me.

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