A Burst Pipe Ended Up Getting Us the Best Apartment We Have Ever Had

We got out of our lease because of the behavior of a landlord. After a burst pipe caused some damage, we had mold that was causing a smell and it was also causing breathing issues in our child with asthma. The landlord would not have an experienced company fix it, so we were able to get out of our lease. We were tired of apartment hunting trying to find a nice place with a good landlord. A friend told us about some luxury apartments for rent in Colton CA that were close to where he and his wife lived. They were seriously thinking about moving there, and they told us about it since we were hunting for an apartment to move immediately.

We already had all of our stuff in storage, and our daughter was staying with her grandparents. We just had a few things in our apartment we needed to get by while we looked for a place. My wife and I along with our little girl went to see the luxury apartment for rent in Colton CA, and we were amazed at what we would be getting for our money. It was not far off in price from what we were already paying for rent. They have a pool, sundeck, covered parking and so much more. The playground was all our little girl had to see, and she was ready to move right then.

We liked the apartment they showed us first, and our daughter asked if we could stay there that night. The manager got our lease approved immediately, and we had the keys to move in right away. The apartment was very clean. We did not even have to dust anything off. We never have moved to a place where we did not need to clean carpets, the refrigerator and everything else before moving in. They must have had this apartment professionally cleaned for the next tenant. From the first night there were no asthma problems at all, and the first day included a morning swim. It was only a few days and we had all of our stuff moved in and we were settled and enjoying our new apartment.

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