A City Unlike Any Other

Finding the best Nashville apartments was easier than I ever expected to be. Just days after I graduated college and made my way south to put that newly earned, shiny and debt-laden degree to work! I have had my eye on Nashville for years now. Ever since a friend of mine made it big down there, locally at any rate, I have dreamed about joining him in a whirlwind of music, girls, partying and making mistakes. I’ve lived my entire life walking the straight line. I ground the years away with my nose in the books – I want a change. I need a change.

Nashville, so far, has been exactly that kind of change. I’ve enjoyed every moment that I’ve been here, even when it was awkward attempting to fit into a local subculture that is unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced. Even living in New York, I never found the type of people there that I do here. A strange statement to make I know but it’s true; you usually will find similarities in people wherever you go but here in Nashville there are people who have been shaped and driven by the desire to express their musical talents.

This has created a local culture that is made up of both musicians and those who have come to hear them play. It’s eclectic to say the least. In the first few days I actually felt inadequate due to the fact that I have absolutely no musical talent. I can’t even carry a tune much less tell the difference between them. I do like music, though and even if some of the music that I do like is particular bad to most people – I value every note and the musicians that put forth the creative energy in order to make it a reality.

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