A Real Family Outing for the Eight of Us

When my husband and I first started talking about going to Greece, I was pretty excited. I told my two sisters about it, and they thought that it was a fabulous idea. In fact, they thought it was so great that they felt we should make it a family holiday. I knew my husband would not mind because we all get along so great, and it would be a lot more fun with all of us there. I began looking at Mykonos villas for rent, and I found a gorgeous four bedroom villa that would be perfect for us.

I guess I always had it in the back of my mind that our parents were going to go with us, even though they did not know anything about it yet. The six of us discussed it one night and decided that it would be the perfect gift to give them, since they are both so hard to shop for. When I showed my mom and dad the pictures of the villa that my husband and I were going to rent, I could tell they were happy for us. I could also tell that they wanted an adventure like this for themselves, and that is when we told them they are going with us.

The villa that we all shared was nothing short of amazing. We each had our own spacious bedroom with a private bath. My parents had their own small house to give them even more privacy. It was just a dozen steps away from ours, and it gave them a gorgeous view of the sea. They spent a lot of time there just enjoying their time together as well as the pool and game room, and the rest of enjoyed all of that too. This was so fun that I think we are going to make a regular habit of it!

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