Adjusting to Life in San Diego

Relocating to San Diego from Las Vegas was a big change for my family. My wife and kids had become so accustomed to live in Vegas that they didn’t want to leave. My kids had made friends at the local school, and my wife had to find a new job. I didn’t want to leave at first, but leaving meant that my family would have a better life and I would be able to provide for them. The relocation came about because I got a job offer from a big technology company. They wanted me to be the head of a department, and I couldn’t say no to such a fine offer.

The move meant that we had to find a new place to live. Our old apartment was a little cramped, so we decided to move into a home. I wasn’t sure if the property values would be too high for us to afford, even with my new high paying job and my wife’s job. After doing some research, we found an affordable home that wasn’t too far from my new job. As for the kids, there was a school in the area, so we gave them a call and enrolled them into the correct grade level. The kids still weren’t happy about leaving their friends behind.

After being in San Diego for some time, we’ve gotten used to it. The kids have made new friends, and they still keep in touch with the old ones every now and then. My wife found a new job, and I’ve been doing great at my job. We even bought a dog that loves to run around the house and jump in everyone’s lap. The kids wanted to name the dog after the street we used to live on in Las Vegas, so we did.

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