Apartment Living in the Nation’s Capital

We ended up looking at apartments in Dupont Circle because my husband accepted a position with the country’s new administration and there was no way of getting around moving to Washington, D.C. I wasn’t happy about the move because it meant we had to uproot our young children and send them to a new school. They weren’t exactly thrilled about leaving behind all of their friends even if we would probably be moving back there in four years or so. But the opportunity was something my husband couldn’t pass up. It could lead to even better positions down the road.

My main problem was finding a place to live. It didn’t take long to realize that D.C. is a very expensive city in which to live. There are bad parts of the town, yes, but the places where most of the government employees live is very expensive. We found out that many people coming to the city live in dorm type places. For example, we were shocked to find our House representative lives in a home with three other colleagues! Obviously, we couldn’t do that with small children. We needed an apartment we could our home for the next few years.

I did a lot of online research and found the perfect place for us to live. We decided to go with this place because we could actually afford a unit with enough room for our children. An added benefit is that it’s not far from where my husband will be working. Washington traffic is brutal, so that turned into a definite plus. Our kids seem to love the place and are already acting like they’re permanent residents of the city! I have to say that it’s looking like living here is going to be a real high point in our lives!

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