Beautiful Villas for Sale in Javea, Spain

My wife is from Spain, and we were now looking for villas for sale in javea. Javea is in the Valencia region of Spain. There are some really nice properties for sale in the area. We had worked very hard for a number of years to be able to afford a second home in the land where my wife was born. She and her parents came to America shortly after she was born. Over the years they have gone back to Spain to visit relatives. When we got married, we had a second wedding celebration in Spain for her relatives. I had never been there before, but really took to the place. When she showed me Javea, I thought it was a beautiful place for us to have a second home.

It took her and I plenty of extra work in our careers before we could truly afford one of the villas for sale in Javea, but we finally were able to get one. It has a large pool and the house is very comfortable. Our holiday time is spent at our house in Javea. Relatives in Spain come to visit us there. My wife’s mother and father travel with us to stay at the villa too. I liked the place from the first time I saw pictures of it online. It has a large patio area for entertaining outdoors. The weather is perfect for us. I like the large pool for swimming. It is my favorite form of exercise. The bright sun feels good on my bones, and the opportunity for my wife and her parents to see family and friends is precious to me as well. We could not have picked a better place anywhere else to have a villa we can retreat to from the busy work of our lives.

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