Buying a Condo for the Church

New York City, NY Basketball Court: Central Park (Great Lawn) - Courts ...I have been asked to try to find some park city condos that are not overly expensive for our church to buy or rent. We have been thinking about this type of investment for several years, but had not been able to find the money to dedicate to the project.

We wanted to find a place that we could use to house the missionaries and guest speakers that visit our church. We also thought that it would be nice to have a place where we could house the families of the church members if they should have to come into town for a funeral, wedding or something else like that.

We have calculated how much we have paid for hotels over the last two years and it has really added up to a substantial amount of money. We seem to have someone in a hotel nearly each weekend and sometimes we have more than one hotel room rented out. We thought that it was time to invest in a permanent solution so we would not have to worry about finding vacancies for our guests.

We also thought that it would be more comfortable for the families to have a condo that is furnished and comfortable. That way, they could prepare their own meals and feel at home while they visited with us.

I did find a few places that I thought would be sound investments for the church. They are all in good areas and are affordably priced in comparison to other condos that are like them. I feel that this is a good choice for our church.

The amount of money that we will not have to pay for hotel rooms is more than what we will pay for a mortgage on the condo, so it is going to save the church money in the long run.

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