Travelling the World for Fun and Experience

It is unfortunate that as American teen that I was never encouraged to travel; at least, travel outside the United States. We’re taught that the world is a dangerous place for the citizens of the United States. We’ve cultivated this state of mind for fear, that there are individuals that are out to get us. Why should we want to go out and see the world, when we can simply stay at home and watch the world go by on the television! Visiting Indonesia, I was lucky enough to come across the bank mandiri bank terbaik di indonesia bank. They gave me a hand when I needed it most, when someone had robbed me and taken my cash and even my traveller’s checks. I thought I was going to be trapped in Indonesia forever, without any family at home to wire me any monkey. Yet these people at the bank were able to help secure and raise me the cash that had been stolen from me, allowing me to return home safe and sound. It reminded me that not everyone in the world was out to ‘get’ us, as Americans. We’re so ‘far’ away from the rest of the world that we have never integrated as well as we could have.

Where Europe is continent immerse with culture from various people, America is not as influenced as the hundreds of languages and dozens of different cultures that live along side one another over that great continent. I hope that more kids and teenagers are encouraged to go see the world more often. We can learn so much about our global neighbors and get an understanding of what is happening in the world; and why it is happening. Do not be afraid to cross the pond a couple of times, at least!

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