Deciding What to Study in College

I have been very seriously thinking about what I want to major in college. Of course my objective is to pick somethng where you can make a good living and end up living on a prime piece of Park City real estate. The first step in that is being able to make the grades in what you do. I started out thinking about engineering, because I already have a good foundation in mathematics and some physics. Of course I figured out that you really need to learn software programs like SAP2000, which is one of the key tools that you use for civil engineering. It is a program that helps to do analysis of structures and designs. In fact you are going to have to have a really good grasp of technology to become a successful engineer in this day and age. That is going to form a big part of the tools that you need to do the work. In truth you have to understand all sorts of science and technology to be good at this sort of thing and it would be really tough sledding to get that far.

Obviously it takes a long time to be a doctor, and it takes a long time to become an engineer too. Either way you are going to have to work really hard at it if you want to be successful. The problem with being a doctor is that you are going to be making life and death decisions. You make a small mistake and it could be fatal. The same is true with being an engineer. If you mess up when you design a bridge, then that could be fatal. Of course you want to try to be sure that you do not make a mistake and in theory a program like SAP2000 will help catch your errors.

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