Earning a Living from Real Estate

When I first decided to start investing in properties, I moved at a snail’s pace because I had a hard time finding properties worth investing in. I knew that I needed to buy low, otherwise I would not make a profit. Since I was hoping this would become a great income opportunity for me and hopefully a career as well, I knew I had to play it safe. All of that changed when I heard about Find Motivated Sellers Now by Kent Clothier. I had used other real estate programs in the past, but nothing could begin to compare to this one.

I liked that it did the basic things such as finding properties that are for sale, but it did so much more than that too. With most of the programs that I had tried, I was able to do that. With this program though, I was able to get a lot more information from the properties, including information on the owners such as their contact information, the equity of each property, information about the neighborhoods, and so much more. All of this information is available to get in other ways, but I had to look for each bit of information in different places.

Having all of it available on one screen really changed the way that I was able to operate my business. I was able to find houses that I wanted to buy so much faster, which meant that they were still actually for sale by the time I looked at them. In the past, they would be gone by the time I had collected all of the information on them. I never thought I would be doing this as a full time career this early on, but using that program to help me find properties made all the difference. I couldn’t be without it now!

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