It Was Great to Learn How Much Money I Can Save in a Different Part of the Country

Having spent most of my life in California, I was pretty surprised to learn that I would be moving to the other side of the US. I applied for a position in Georgia, and I did it somewhat halfheartedly. I wanted a change of living style, so when I saw that they needed a new executive manager at our newest location, I decided to go for it. But I really did not know that I would get the position. So, that is how I ended up needing to look around at Atlanta apartments to find a new place to live.

Once I landed the position, I felt a little guilty that my best friend was not the one who was chosen. He really wanted to move out there because he has family there, and I do not. But he’s an excellent employee, so I am sure I could pull a few strings and get him hired on at the branch where I will be if he is still interested. Nevertheless, I was excited about my move after I realized that it was really happening for me.

It is expensive to live where I live. Rent for a 1 bedroom apartment can easily cost as much as $2,000 or more. That does not give you very much room either. So, It was really great to see that sort of price is not the norm in Atlanta. In fact, you can get a really great place there for only $1,000 per month. I ended up finding a place that runs only $1,200 monthly, and it comes with all the great amenities that you could hope for. Water fountains, a great pool, entertainment areas and much more. The place I picked out has two bedrooms, and I plan to use the second room as an office.

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