Moving into a New Home Later in Life

You might be quite surprised at how much stuff you can accumulate in a house after living there for 30 years. My wife and I raised two children here, and have a lot of great memories. However, we decided to travel when we retired so moving into a house that does not require so much upkeep was a good idea. We hired some austin movers to pack us up and move us into our new home in the northern part of the state where our kids live now. They had to go where their jobs took them.

We went through everything and sold, gave away and threw out a lot of stuff. We still had a big truck full of things that went into our new home. The new place is smaller. It is a condo that has the lawn and landscaping taken care of by a service. We can get in our motorhome and be gone for weeks without having to do a thing when we get back. I like that a lot. It used to take me three or four days to get things presentable again after we would be gone for a month.

My wife and I and our two dogs travel around the country. We are driving up to Alaska this year. We have a great time together. We stop and see the kids when they aren’t bogged down with work and school. The move went well since we hired professionals to do all of the heavy lifting. I don’t think I carried a single box. It would have been impossible for us to do this move by ourselves. I remember when we moved in. My wife and I did all the heavy lifting moving from our apartment into our home. We are a little too old for that now, and the big strong guys at the moving company were a real help.

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