Now It is Possible to Save Money on a Month to Month Lease

New Jersey Lease Agreement, Sample New Jersey Lease Agreement Template ...I was looking for a month to month lease. Most leases are for a year. That is hard to accept when life is changing so fast. I am not sure about the continued job market for my skills where I am living, and having several months to go on a lease hanging over my head is too risky. Most lease agreements are available at a better rate when the standard annual lease is signed. I do not mind paying a little more for a monthly lease, but I was looking for the lowest cost one that I can find.

I understand that those granting leases want to have stability in their income from those who are leasing. However, in this economy, too much is unpredictable. I do not want to have to continue paying on a lease if I have to move quickly to keep employed. A month to month lease is the only way for me to go right now. One day I hope to own a place, but right now I am working on advancing my degree while continuing to work.

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