Our Real Estate Agent is Perfect

Some people think that I am arrogant, but that is just because I know what I want. With the income that I have, it is also possible to get just about anything that I want. That is why I wanted to look at Palo Alto real estate agents, so I could find one that would be able to give me just what I want. I don’t call that arrogance. I call it knowing what I want, and going for it. I was able to find a great agent after a friend recommended her to me, and she is everything that was promised.

I told her that I wanted a large house with a large yard and a lot of privacy. I had more things i wanted, like a master bathroom that had amazing features, a home theater, a finished basement with several different rooms in it including a bar and game room, and at least five bedrooms. Some agents might have balked at something so specific, but my agent actually delivered not one, but two perfect choices for me. I had to admit that both were everything I wanted and then some, and I went to look at both in person with her.

I did like the first one, but the second one really spoke to me. I liked everything about it, even down to the professionally built tree house in the backyard. I knew that my two boys would love that as well. I did not even try to make an offer on the house because the asking price was extremely fair. I agreed to it, which got everything started for me to become the new owner. I am so impressed with this agent that I have told a few friends who are looking for new homes about her. I know she will deliver great results for them too!

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