The Perfect Place Was Very Easy for Me to Find

I was really looking forward to looking at a lot of apartments in Nashville TN last month. I was not disappointed with the wide array of unique places that are located here. Living in a tiny town for a lot of years in the past did not offer me much variety. Not only that, it was really hard to find a place that was even available. But moving to this large city has shown me that there’s so much available. Almost every place that I called had at least one unit available to rent and that was really nice to learn.

I wanted a place that would be near the entertainment district. I love country music. I love it even more when the music is live. I wanted the ability to get off of work at night and take a quick walk or ride to some fun places at night. I found exactly what I was looking for, too. I got a place that is within walking distance of a lot of clubs and bars where there is live music going on all the time. I can get there within minutes after work. I like to go often by myself to simply unwind, order a great appetizer and sit back with a beer and listen. Every once in awhile I will invite a coworker to come with me. Most have said they wish that they would have thought of living so close to where all the action is.

I also wanted to get a place that has a lot of beautiful landscaping. I cannot spend a lot of time outside due to allergies, and you would think that it may be best that I do not live around a lot of trees and flowers. But the point is that I am often indoors, and I simply wanted the ability to open my windows and see all the pretty landscaping. My place offers this to me.

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