There is a Real Estate Agent for That

I have been spending a lot of time looking for cobb county luxury homes and it has been some what difficult to find what I have been looking for as I have not been using a real estate agent. My friends told me that here were real estate agents that specialize in high end houses and that I should consider looking at hiring one. There were a lot of different people that told me I should spend time making sure that my real estate agent and I had the same vision because it would be a waste of time if we could not see the same way, eye to eye. I interviewed a few different real estate agents and asked them if they could come up with a few houses for me to see in the area. I had all of them email me so that I could see what they had in mind for my home viewings.

When I was looking at a few of the different real estate emails that I had in my in box it was very clear that there were a few that did not hear me when we were talking because the homes that they showed me were nothing as to what I wanted to see. I thought it was terrible that they did not listen to me. I had one Realtor that really took the time to listen to me as the houses he showed me were exactly what I wanted and were well within my price range. There were not too many things that I had to worry about with him. We used him and within two weeks we put an offer in on a house that we really liked. We closed within a month, it was such a great thing for us.

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