Thinking About a Little Land Deal

A friend of mine went on a hunting and fishing trip up to the Rocky Mountains a couple of months ago and when he came back he was trying to talk me into buying some Cody Wyoming real estate with him. On the surface it looks like a real bargain, because this is a derelict cattle ranch. It has sat idle for close to a decade apparently. There are a number of heirs and they can not get on the same page about the price and how much to sell. It is around a thousand acres of land, some of it is good for cattle ranching or farming, but much of it is too mountainous for efficient use. You can let the cows have free use of it, but they are going to take the easier path and the thicker grass instead of climbing around on a bunch of rocks. At any rate the land is full of elk and deer and there are some bears and a few big horn sheep. They even get wolves drifting down from Yellowstone.

In fact that is a big draw for this land. It is not far off one of the highways leading towards Yellowstone, which is a relatively short distance away (at least by the way they measure distances in this part of the USA). The idea is to use it for a little resort, which would require a bit of an investment. I am not sure how much sense it really makes though. You need people for a resort to work and I am trying to figure out how many people would be passing this way on their way to the National Park and various other sites. Hunting makes a whole lot of sense, but there are a lot of places that offer hunting in the area.

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