We Are Moving to a Great Neighborhood

For the past few years, my husband and I have been discussing moving out of our current home. While we love the house, it does not feel like we are using all the rooms. At three bedrooms and two bathrooms, that are all very large, the house feels like it is way too big for just the two of us. We have the occasional visitor that comes to stay over, but that is few and far between. We started to look at millwoods real estate a few months ago, and found that the houses were very reasonably priced and most of them seemed to be brand new. I did not have to have a brand new home, but I wanted one that was turn key ready. I didn’t even want to have to paint any of the walls in my new home.

A few of the things that we did were on my most wanted list were hardwood floors, ceramic tile in the kitchen, and a gorgeous bathroom. I need to have hardwood floors because I have bad allergies and carpets just seem to trap all of the mites and dander that come in with people from the outside. I like ceramic tile over linoleum because linoleum can be very cheap looking and I do not want to have that look in my home. Ceramic is very easy to take care of, and I really like the easy maintenance of it, too.

We found the home of our dreams, it is not too big, and I can clean it all within two hours. My last home took over four hours to clean and I was very hard pressed to find the time to do so as I work and like to go to the gym in the evening, this home is perfect for us and our lifestyle.

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