We Finally Have a Home at Coronado Village

Can it get any better than to live next to the ocean? We have been looking at all of the Coronado real estate options in the San Diego area. The Coronado Village that borders the Pacific Ocean was really catching our attention. I liked the water even though I am not a surfer. My thing is boating. I also like just sitting on the beach and listening to the ocean on a day when there is a gentle breeze. I can close my eyes and listen to the surf hitting the shore for hours. It is the perfect place to read a book or just wander through the thoughts in my mind.

We finally have a home with a boat slip. We are both retired and like to go out on the boat practically every day. We really like living right here where the ocean meets land. We are at Coronado Village that is on the island. There is a big inlet that comes up passed Point Loma and around the island. It makes for beautiful secluded waters with easy access to the Pacific with our boat. We take our boat up to La Jolla and Del Mar all the time. We have a very nice home, and we enjoy the weather here in California. We used to live in snow country. I like snow for the holidays, but the rest of the year I like summertime!

We have worked a long time and very hard to be able to live in the place we want to live. There is just something about these Coronado Cays that is extremely beautiful to us. Looking out at the boats, homes and hotels along this low-banked area of cays and then out to the ocean beyond is an extraordinary site whether it be sunrise or sunset.

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