We Migrated South Permanently for the Great South Tampa Weather

You expect bright and sunny and warm when you talk about Florida. My wife and I had never been there before even though her sister had lived there for years. We kept telling them we were going to visit, but we never got around to it. We liked the snow for the holidays, and thought that palm tree were a little odd to be seeing at that time of year. Then we thought the summers might be too hot down there. Then, after one visit, we started looking for South Tampa apartments for rent. We really liked our Florida experience.

We have always been drawn to water. We lived at a river’s edge up north. It meanders by and carries plenty of tugs and pleasure boats. The tugs are pushing barges from other states filled with coal for the power plants. The pleasure craft can follow the river system all the way to the Gulf of Mexico or north through the canals into the Great Lakes. Now we have access to Old Tampa Bay that is just a few minutes away.

We never thought we would own a boat. We could have had one up north, but you take it out of the water in the winter because the river freezes. That is not a problem here in Tampa. We are getting used to the palm trees and nice weather in the winter. Really, what is there to get used to? It is super nice to be able to be outside in January without a parka on. I can see why the seniors turn into snowbirds and go south to Florida for the winter. We just decided to make it a permanent relocation rather than an annual migration. We are enjoying our luxury apartment in South Tampa more than we liked our home up north. It was all new at first, and now we are firmly settled in and comfortable.

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