Why Full Home Inspections and Appraisals Are Necessary

Buying a home is a process. The second most expensive thing you buy is your car, and it is relatively easy. You can go into most dealerships without even a down payment or stellar credit and leave with a vehicle in about an hour or so. Getting your home takes time. You really need to look closely at what you are buying by having it fully inspected and appraised. We used a Sacramento home appraiser when looking at the homes we were considering. We passed on one because of some issues with liens and other details. We were buying a home, not someone else’s problems. You figure a home mortgage can go out for 30 years. I did not want other stuff on top of the mortgage debt.

Buying homes can be tricky, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Stuff can skate through the system and then come back to bite you later on. There might be issues with the court for homes that are part of an estate of someone who passed away. There may be tax liens and other liens on the property that could be overlooked. There are all kinds of things that can come back on you, the new owner, if you are not careful. Title searches need to be done diligently and responsibly. Then there is the home and property inspection itself. My friend bought a really nice house. It had custom everything. The woodwork was incredible. Then he gets hit with a major sewer repair cost within the first year of living there. The inspector apparently did not run a camera through the sewer line to inspect it. Otherwise, the clog that was getting worse might have been noticed.

I recommend that when you get down to the house you really want to buy that you put out the money to have a full inspection that checks absolutely everything. Then have it fully appraised. Things such as checking the ground percolation rate in your yard is useful to understand runoff issues and other potential problems. Do it all before signing on the dotted line.

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