Apartment Living in the Nation’s Capital

We ended up looking at apartments in Dupont Circle because my husband accepted a position with the country’s new administration and there was no way of getting around moving to Washington, D.C. I wasn’t happy about the move because it meant we had to uproot our young children and send them to a new school. They weren’t exactly thrilled about leaving behind all of their friends even if we would probably be moving back there in four years or so. But the opportunity was something my husband couldn’t pass up. It could lead to even better positions down the road.

My main problem was finding a place to live. It didn’t take long to realize that D. Continue reading

A Real Family Outing for the Eight of Us

When my husband and I first started talking about going to Greece, I was pretty excited. I told my two sisters about it, and they thought that it was a fabulous idea. In fact, they thought it was so great that they felt we should make it a family holiday. I knew my husband would not mind because we all get along so great, and it would be a lot more fun with all of us there. I began looking at Mykonos villas for rent, and I found a gorgeous four bedroom villa that would be perfect for us.

I guess I always had it in the back of my mind that our parents were going to go with us, even though they did not know anything about it yet. Continue reading

Choosing an Apartment or a Single-Family Home

Apartment dwelling versus buying a home or renting a single-family home was on my mind the other day. I was thinking about the pride we have of home ownership. Then I was thinking about the hours and the resources we put into maintaining our home. We don’t have children, but we do have two dogs. Just a few years ago, we could not even dream of getting an apartment that allowed dogs. Now there are apartment homes, such as our nearby CityPark View South, that allow dogs and even have a Bark park. I thought about the freedom to just go out, get the garden hose and wash my car. Well, I found out that the same apartment complex has a care care center. I was running out of comparative advantages for home ownership versus apartment dwelling. Continue reading

A Burst Pipe Ended Up Getting Us the Best Apartment We Have Ever Had

We got out of our lease because of the behavior of a landlord. After a burst pipe caused some damage, we had mold that was causing a smell and it was also causing breathing issues in our child with asthma. The landlord would not have an experienced company fix it, so we were able to get out of our lease. We were tired of apartment hunting trying to find a nice place with a good landlord. A friend told us about some luxury apartments for rent in Colton CA that were close to where he and his wife lived. They were seriously thinking about moving there, and they told us about it since we were hunting for an apartment to move immediately.

We already had all of our stuff in storage, and our daughter was staying with her grandparents. We just had a few things in our apartment we needed to get by while we looked for a place. My wife and I along with our little girl went to see the luxury apartment for rent in Colton CA, and we were amazed at what we would be getting for our money. Continue reading

The Perfect Place for the Two of Us

I really did not know what to expect when I looked at different Mission Viejo apartments for rent. I knew that there were going to be some that I simply did not like, but I was not sure that I would find one that knocked my proverbial socks off either. That thought lasted all of one hour, because that is all it took for me to find the apartment I wanted to make my own. The ReNew at the Shops apartment complex is everything I could have hoped for, and more.

I needed a two bedroom apartment because I have a 13 year old daughter who stays with me twice a month on weekends. I wanted her to have her own space in my apartment because it is hers just as much as it is mine. The two bedroom units at ReNew are perfect for both of us. First off, the amenities are amazing. There is a fitness center and pool, and I knew that we would both be using those. Continue reading

The Perfect Place Was Very Easy for Me to Find

I was really looking forward to looking at a lot of apartments in Nashville TN last month. I was not disappointed with the wide array of unique places that are located here. Living in a tiny town for a lot of years in the past did not offer me much variety. Not only that, it was really hard to find a place that was even available. But moving to this large city has shown me that there’s so much available. Almost every place that I called had at least one unit available to rent and that was really nice to learn.

I wanted a place that would be near the entertainment district. I love country music. I love it even more when the music is live. Continue reading

Calling the Edge Our New Home

We looked at apartments in Henderson a few days ago, thinking it would take us some time to find the one that we wanted to call home. The really nice thing is that it did not take us long at all to find what we wanted. It was easy because I was mostly focused on finding the right apartment while my husband was mostly focused on finding the right community to become a part of. When we both found what we wanted, it was not a surprise that it was the same place.

The Edge has everything a couple looking for an apartment could want. The nice thing is that couples of any age can be here, and single people or families can as well. Continue reading

We Migrated South Permanently for the Great South Tampa Weather

You expect bright and sunny and warm when you talk about Florida. My wife and I had never been there before even though her sister had lived there for years. We kept telling them we were going to visit, but we never got around to it. We liked the snow for the holidays, and thought that palm tree were a little odd to be seeing at that time of year. Then we thought the summers might be too hot down there. Then, after one visit, we started looking for South Tampa apartments for rent. We really liked our Florida experience.

We have always been drawn to water. We lived at a river’s edge up north. It meanders by and carries plenty of tugs and pleasure boats. The tugs are pushing barges from other states filled with coal for the power plants. Continue reading

Our Real Estate Agent is Perfect

Some people think that I am arrogant, but that is just because I know what I want. With the income that I have, it is also possible to get just about anything that I want. That is why I wanted to look at Palo Alto real estate agents, so I could find one that would be able to give me just what I want. I don’t call that arrogance. I call it knowing what I want, and going for it. I was able to find a great agent after a friend recommended her to me, and she is everything that was promised.

I told her that I wanted a large house with a large yard and a lot of privacy. I had more things i wanted, like a master bathroom that had amazing features, a home theater, a finished basement with several different rooms in it including a bar and game room, and at least five bedrooms. Continue reading

Real Estate for Sale in Palm Desert

I am going to buy a new house soon, and maybe some land to go with it. Of course, I will be at least buying a bit of land that the house will be sitting on. But I have been thinking about buying a decent amount of land, because I feel like it would be nice to have. However, I think the property prices in the area are probably too high. The area I am talking about, and what I am looking for, is Palm Desert real estate, because it is a pretty nice area from what I have seen and I think it would make for a good city for me to live in going forward.

I am definitely looking for a smaller sort of city to live in, that is still close to Los Angeles. I do not want to actually live in Los Angeles, and I do not know who would want to do that. It is just too hectic, too large, too much traffic, and so many other things. But at the same time, there are a lot of benefits in living close to the city. I guess that there are a lot of people that do want to actually live in the city, considering that there are millions and millions of people who do. But maybe a lot of them would prefer to live somewhere a little bit quieter that was outside of the city proper.

I know that I lived there are years and it just kind of takes its toll on you over time. I especially think that is the case when it comes to the traffic. I do not miss sitting in traffic for hours sometimes, on the way home from my work. It was kind of a nightmare to deal with.

Adjusting to Life in San Diego

Relocating to San Diego from Las Vegas was a big change for my family. My wife and kids had become so accustomed to live in Vegas that they didn’t want to leave. My kids had made friends at the local school, and my wife had to find a new job. I didn’t want to leave at first, but leaving meant that my family would have a better life and I would be able to provide for them. The relocation came about because I got a job offer from a big technology company. They wanted me to be the head of a department, and I couldn’t say no to such a fine offer.

The move meant that we had to find a new place to live. Continue reading

We Finally Have a Home at Coronado Village

Can it get any better than to live next to the ocean? We have been looking at all of the Coronado real estate options in the San Diego area. The Coronado Village that borders the Pacific Ocean was really catching our attention. I liked the water even though I am not a surfer. My thing is boating. I also like just sitting on the beach and listening to the ocean on a day when there is a gentle breeze. I can close my eyes and listen to the surf hitting the shore for hours. It is the perfect place to read a book or just wander through the thoughts in my mind.

We finally have a home with a boat slip. Continue reading

Why Full Home Inspections and Appraisals Are Necessary

Buying a home is a process. The second most expensive thing you buy is your car, and it is relatively easy. You can go into most dealerships without even a down payment or stellar credit and leave with a vehicle in about an hour or so. Getting your home takes time. You really need to look closely at what you are buying by having it fully inspected and appraised. We used a Sacramento home appraiser when looking at the homes we were considering. We passed on one because of some issues with liens and other details. We were buying a home, not someone else’s problems. You figure a home mortgage can go out for 30 years. I did not want other stuff on top of the mortgage debt.

Buying homes can be tricky, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Stuff can skate through the system and then come back to bite you later on. Continue reading

Best Real Estate Downtown Denver

I have lived in a fairly rural part of Denver for a number of yers, and I want to move into a big city, because I think it would be an ice change for me. I am getting kind of bored with living in this rural area, even though it is quite peaceful and quiet. To that end, I am checking into downtown Denver real estate, and hope to find some nice places. I want to buy a house in the downtown area of Denver, and I have a couple parts of the downtown area that I have in mind.

But before i make any decisions on buying a house, I want ot really do my research and make certain that I am going to be happy with whatever I pick. After all, this is a big decision and one that I won’t be able to change my mind on after I commit to it. Continue reading

Deciding What to Study in College

I have been very seriously thinking about what I want to major in college. Of course my objective is to pick somethng where you can make a good living and end up living on a prime piece of Park City real estate. The first step in that is being able to make the grades in what you do. I started out thinking about engineering, because I already have a good foundation in mathematics and some physics. Of course I figured out that you really need to learn software programs like SAP2000, which is one of the key tools that you use for civil engineering. It is a program that helps to do analysis of structures and designs. Continue reading

Downsizing to an Nice Apartment Was the Best Choice We Made

We were going to purchase a smaller home. Something with a tiny yard to mow, if anything at all. We wanted something all on one floor too. We decided to look for Raleigh apartments for rent instead. We had not considered apartment living. We thought that it would be weird to be so close to neighbors in the same building. However, we were close to our neighbors in the neighborhood where our house was at. We checked out a nice apartment building, and we really liked what we saw.

We would be allowed to bring our two dogs with us. Plus, there would be no lawn maintenance. Other than cleaning our apartment, there would be no maintenance at all. The apartment owners would take care of all of that. They even have after-hours emergency maintenance. That would be a load off of my mind as I am not as young as I used to be. The place even has a dog park that they call a Bark Park. Continue reading

It Was Great to Learn How Much Money I Can Save in a Different Part of the Country

Having spent most of my life in California, I was pretty surprised to learn that I would be moving to the other side of the US. I applied for a position in Georgia, and I did it somewhat halfheartedly. I wanted a change of living style, so when I saw that they needed a new executive manager at our newest location, I decided to go for it. But I really did not know that I would get the position. So, that is how I ended up needing to look around at Atlanta apartments to find a new place to live.

Once I landed the position, I felt a little guilty that my best friend was not the one who was chosen. He really wanted to move out there because he has family there, and I do not. Continue reading

I Found the Perfect Place That Saves Me Time and Money

I spent the last 5 years working hard for the company where I work. I also went to school at night so that I could finish getting a degree that would help me get a management position at my company. It paid off because I got a promotion to a management position a couple of months ago. I love my new position because it is a lot of fun and because it allows me to live better financially. Just one example is that I was able to look for Manchester Connecticut Apartments that would fit the requirements that I have always wished for.

I already spend about one hour per day commuting to and from work. While I wanted to join a gym, there are none on my specific, daily route, which means that I have not wanted to spend even more time on the road driving to and from one located somewhere else in the city. I realized that I should find an apartment complex that has one. Continue reading

Cheap Apartments for a Student

I am a student and I am looking to rent an apartment for the next year, because I have had my fill of dorm life. What I am looking for is apartments in Lowell that are available for rent at a pretty reasonable price. I have looked at a number of different apartments so far, and I am going to keep looking at more places. It seems a lot of these places want you to pay for renter’s insurance, which kind of sucks. I am a student, so I have to make my student loan money last for the entire semester, and that might be hard.

I am going to look into the best ways to save while renting out an apartment, because I just got my student loan money and I did some calculations on my rent and my other bills. It just isn’t going to work unless I either find some way to cut down on my bills, get a job, or starve myself. Some combination of all three might be necessary to actually make it through the semester without going broke. I just hope it won’t come to that. But anyway, I am going to look into renter’s insurance, because it has come to my attention that in order to live in the apartment that I have signed a lease for, I am going to have to get a renter’s insurance policy. I do not like the idea that I have to get renter’s insurance, it seems kind of lame, but i guess it makes sense since I am probably going to try to find a furnished apartment. But it seems like the apartment building should be in charge of insuring their own stuff, instead of their tenants havign to do so. Actually, that kind of bothers me.

Wondering How Much M House is Worth

It is a big matter of what you are going to take obviously, but I have been wondering how much I could get out of this house. I am not interested in selling it really. In fact I am wondering more what it is worth if I wanted to borrow money against it. For example you can go to this site, http://www.wepaythemost.co.uk and they say they will give you an instant online valuation and they talk about three easy steps to quick cash. I am quite sure that what they mean is not the same thing as what I am interested in. When they are making that sort of offer, the terms are going to favor them as sure as the sun shall shine in the morning. That only makes sense. Continue reading

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